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The Edtech Coaches Network promotes the development and collaboration of educational technology coaches who support the professional growth of teachers as they use technology to enhance learning.

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  • I'm the only tech integration specialist for a medium-sized district (5500 students) in upstate NY. I'm reaching out to gain some insight from peers in this group regarding Google Workspace (Enterprise) districts and how you are going about using Google ...

  • What tools have you used to successfully record traditional whiteboard notes, teacher lecture, and document camera at the same time? I was thinking about using Swivl's multi-camera option, but am struggling to figure out how I can connect the desktop/document ...

  • Absolutely! We are all trying to figure this out so if it can help one it helps us all. ------------------------------ Nicole M Zumpano, NBCT Regional Educational Technology Coordinator Learning Technology Center of Illinois @nmzumpano ------------- ...

  • Nicole, Thank you for sharing this. Is it alright if I pass it on to teachers in my building? ------------------------------ Deborah Kerby Teacher/Faculty (PK-12) Computer Teacher Pocono Mountain School District ------------------------------