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The ISTE Computer Science Network is dedicated to the promotion of computational thinking and computer science education. The network promotes and provides ideas, resources and events for integrating computational thinking and computer science into every school and classroom to create equitable access for all students.

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  • I am going to the Computer Science Discoveries training at Georgia Tech! Can't wait! ------------------------------ Emily Heflin 21st Century Learning Coach The Epstein School ------------------------------

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  • I am really looking forward to BJC's train-the-trainer workshop this summer and a session as a TA. If you are looking for an AP Comp Sci Principles curriculum, apply for this PD opportunity. Many will receive a stipend ...

  • I'm excited about the Computer Science Discoveries training. I'm going to the Ohio training, but they have them all over the US. ------------------------------ Elizabeth Davis ------------------------------

  • Just curious… What computer science PD will you be attending this summer? Have you made plans yet? Anyone particularly excited about a PD opportunity they can't wait to learn from? What's the topic? Is it online? Local? In another state? A conference? ...