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The ISTE Computer Science Network is dedicated to the promotion of computational thinking and computer science education. The network promotes and provides ideas, resources and events for integrating computational thinking and computer science into every school and classroom to create equitable access for all students.

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  • I have read all comments and AI & networks needs to be added. There are several levels of network courses you can add. If you run a vocational school, try to bring in a certified technician program. Maybe CISCO has a HS program that leads to college or ...

  • Roblox Studio is another tool that you can use. You can import models from Blender/Maya, and it uses Lua as a coding language.  For CSP AP, one great thing is that it's naturally a collaborative software where teams can work in the same file. Also, ...

  • Here is a great article on Dr. Scratch. "Dr. Scratch can only assess the complexity and language of the program, not how effectively ...

  • Agreed. The program can't account for a person's intent when creating a project; however, it could be used as a tool for self assessment or reflection. Here's a quote from an assessment document shared in the free lesson plans I create : " Assessment ...


  • Helping our TEN friends...

    Hi ALL: 

    In collaboration with the Teacher Education Network, I’m sharing the following information:
    I hope that everyone is finding time to relax, reflect and recharge during the summer. I am working on some research and looking for some ideas and resources for educators for professional development and some of the benefits of being a connected educator. I created a short survey focused on the perception that teaching can be an isolating profession. I am looking for some feedback and thought I would share it in the TEN Community. If you have a few minutes, could you answer a few of the questions, and possibly share the survey within your PLN? 

    If you have more ideas to share, feel free to add a note and I will contact you to discuss more ideas. 


    Thanks for your time!

    Rachelle Dene Poth
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