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The ISTE Computer Science Network is dedicated to the promotion of computational thinking and computer science education. The network promotes and provides ideas, resources and events for integrating computational thinking and computer science into every school and classroom to create equitable access for all students.

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  • Thank you, David! ISTE CS PLN: It's the last chance to connect, create, and collaborate with ScratchPals this calendar year! Join David and other educators in  providing students with experiences in global collaboration, computer science, creative computing, ...

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  • My list would have been more like Scratch Then a variety of physical computing devices and bots: Root, Dash, Micro:Bit, EV3, BeeBot, etc. Scratch is by far the most versatile at the moment and my top two are also free and work on all platforms ...


  • Helping our TEN friends...

    Hi ALL: 

    In collaboration with the Teacher Education Network, I’m sharing the following information:
    I hope that everyone is finding time to relax, reflect and recharge during the summer. I am working on some research and looking for some ideas and resources for educators for professional development and some of the benefits of being a connected educator. I created a short survey focused on the perception that teaching can be an isolating profession. I am looking for some feedback and thought I would share it in the TEN Community. If you have a few minutes, could you answer a few of the questions, and possibly share the survey within your PLN? 

    If you have more ideas to share, feel free to add a note and I will contact you to discuss more ideas. 


    Thanks for your time!

    Rachelle Dene Poth
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