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The ISTE Online and Blended Learning Network is dedicated to improving virtual and brick-and-mortar classrooms for educators at every level through the use of high quality online learning. The network facilitates opportunities for sharing and collaborating around topics related to online and blended learning so that every educator feels connected and empowered to innovate.

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  • Thanks for the clarification. It started me thinking about the factors that help create 'Flexible seating' in the physical space... 1. member size 2. seating material/shape/size 3. seating orientation So maybe group size can be augmented with the ...

  • I have taught my 5s how to use a spreadsheet. They set a work goal at the beginning of class and self-evaluate at the end of class using cells next to their name. I use data validation to make sure this moves quickly and to help guide their goal setting ...

  • My experience with Grade 9/10 students has been with pair work. The maximum, which works for my classes, is 3 students in a group. Larger groups tend to require a communication structure in online as well as physical settings. I find the 'quite' ...

  • Hello! My girls are 5s! Thank you! -- Natasha Clemons M. Ed Ed Tech Musing Blog Google Certified Trainer Profile


  • Twitter Chat - Inclusivity in Online and Blended Classrooms

    Join us on Tues Feb 18 at 9pm ET for a Twitter chat about #inclusivity in online and blended classrooms. We can't wait to hear from you! #isteobln Read More