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COVID-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to schools around the globe. In this community, educators are coming together to help meet those challenges. Ask questions, get advice, and learn what other educators are doing around the world.

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  • Really helpful! Thanks for sharing! Something else we discovered was the invite students option is super easy and streamlined, now. You can copy and paste the student usernames into the add box, and then when a student logs in to Google Classroom, there ...

  • Dear colleagues, As a member of ISTE I subscribed to COVID-19 Educator Help Desk. I find really helpful the resources. Yesterday I received an invitation to join webinar "Online Learning eXchange" (Infiniscope) and immediately sent a request. ...

  • Online Learning eXchange   Wednesday, April 22 10 am PT/ 1pm ET As we shift to teaching and learning at a distance, the vast number of online resources can be a bit overwhelming. To help you sort through the options, Infiniscope is hosting a webinar ...

  • As a tech trainer, I am currently supporting staff, but the 4 of us are also assisting parents and students on the community hotline and email. Yesterday, I had a few calls about Google Classroom join codes not working and figured out that the code had ...


  • COVID-19 Resources curated by ISTE members

    Members of the ISTE community have been creating and sharing amazing resources to assist schools and districts facing challenges related to COVID-19. As a disclaimer, the majority of these resources were not created by ISTE and we recommend using your best judgment in how you apply the information they contain. Read More
  • Read first: How to use this community

    This community has been created to help educators respond to the challenges created by COVID-19. Volunteers and staff from ISTE and ISTE's affiliates and partners are here to help answer questions and provide guidance.

    To make sure that this is a safe and supportive community for all educators, we ask that:

    • No one uses this space as a platform for making a sales pitch. Solicitors will be removed from the community.
    • Community members focus on solutions rather than fear-mongering or misinformation.
    • Community members agree to follow our standard Code of Conduct.

    For even more resources around how to adapt to changes in education during this time, ISTE and our partner organizations are curating strategies, tips and best practices for teaching online. Visit for more information.

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  • Learning Keeps Going

    Coronavirus is posing unprecedented challenges to schools around the globe. To help you keep the learning going, a coalition of education organizations has curated strategies, tips and best practices for teaching online under the banner of Learning Keeps Going.

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