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COVID-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to schools around the globe. In this community, educators are coming together to help meet those challenges. Ask questions, get advice, and learn what other educators are doing around the world.

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  • Hello- I am super new to the platform, and I am a Special Education Teacher. I don't see a lot in this area, or I am wondering if I am not navigating in the right direction, Any ideas or thoughts specifically for Special Education progress and info shares ...

  • My district is looking into ways to engage students as they come back into school full time, at some point.  One idea is to create a points system that allows students to earn points for coming to school, attending school functions, and other activities.  ...

  • Hi Helen- In my experience just having the teacher randomly pop into the room goes a long way in keeping students on task.  However, if you really want to monitor what is going on in multiple breakout rooms at the same time, here is a link to a youtube ...

  • Hi Kristin,  Indeed going to the post office and purchasing already stamped post cards work great. I have to admit I am lazy ( LOL) . I bought a large book of stamps at Costco and address the envelops in my home office. I then put the flag up on my mailbox ...


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    This community has been created to help educators respond to the challenges created by COVID-19. Volunteers and staff from ISTE and ISTE's affiliates and partners are here to help answer questions and provide guidance.

    To make sure that this is a safe and supportive community for all educators, we ask that:

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