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The purpose of the Librarians Network is to promote librarians as leaders and champions of educational technology and digital literacy. The key mission is to provide a professional learning community where librarians can leverage technology knowledge and expertise to improve school library programs, increase access to information, and foster strong teaching and learning environments in a connected world.

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    Hi Stephanie,  We found that dividing the time between traditional library time and tech time was very helpful. A typical library class would begin with either a new tech or SEL mini lesson.  Once the short 5-10 minute lesson was over, students were ...

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    Thank you for your ideas! "Showing" admin and teachers is something we have come to realize must take place. How are you reaching out to teachers? Do you sit in on team or PLC times, conferences times, etc. or do you meet with them individually? Thanks ...

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    Hello, Happy end of the school year to you all.   I am launching a nation-wide survey for the coordinators/educators of student tech teams (K-12 students to support technology integration efforts through tech support and training) . Student ...

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    Stephanie, My name is Rachel Lemansky, and I am an Elementary Library Coordinator in central Massachusetts.  This year, I also shifted into the role of technology coach for teachers and IT help for students and families.  I have found the best way to ...

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