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The purpose of the Librarians Network is to promote librarians as leaders and champions of educational technology and digital literacy. The key mission is to provide a professional learning community where librarians can leverage technology knowledge and expertise to improve school library programs, increase access to information, and foster strong teaching and learning environments in a connected world.

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    Thank you @Carolyn Foote ! One of our school librarians told me they use Surpass in their libraries. I am hoping to be able to connect with a Mackin sales rep asap. ​ ------------------------------ Jennifer Thompson Instructional Technology Coach/Director ...

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    @Lisa Snyder This is helpful information! I am hoping to set up a meeting with both an Overdrive and Mack sales rep in order to determine which company fits my district's needs best.​ ------------------------------ Jennifer Thompson Instructional Technology ...

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    Thanks @Kerry Townsend ! I'm waiting to hear back from an Overdrive sales rep!​ ------------------------------ Jennifer Thompson Instructional Technology Coach/Director Norristown Area SD ------------------------------

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    Both Follett and Mackin offer ebooks and may have these titles. If your district has Follett Destiny you can add ebooks there. I’m hoping you have librarians in your district who can help with this question? Sent from my iPhone


  • ISTELib Playground Proposals for #ISTE20

    The ISTELib 2020 Playground Proposal Form is LIVE! The ISTELib Playground was the most attended playground of ISTE 2019, and it was because of the amazing presenters like you! 

    What's it like presenting at a playground?
    - Playground slots are 45 minutes in length, but unlike a regular session, participants are hopping from table to table learning about the various products, tools, and strategies. You'll most likely have people at your table from 5-10 minutes. It's very informal and fun. Don't think of it like a "session". It's a time for you to show off something you love or a strategy you've used in your space, and answer any questions from attendees.

    What are some examples of topics?
    - Social Media Tools
    - Equity Resources
    - Makerspaces
    - Digital Storytelling
    - Parent Collaboration

    Do I have to present alone?
    Of course not. You can present with a colleague, or you can present with a vendor if you'd like so they can answer any technical questions people may have. But this is not a sales floor. If you are a vendor, feel free to reach out on Twitter to see if another librarian would want to present with you on the same tool/topic.

    What if I have questions?
    Email with any questions.

    How do I submit a proposal?
    Click here to submit
    2020 ISTE Librarians Network Playground Proposals Form
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