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The Digital Equity Network works to inspire thoughtful discussion as well as action aimed to ensure access and opportunities for all learners. Through weekly and monthly sharing, we will challenge the status quo concerning the “haves and have nots” of access while providing consistent information and actionable resources to better help school leaders make equitable decisions concerning technology infrastructures and digital learning. Please visit our blog for more news and information related to digital equity:

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  • I taught 5th grade for 7 years, so I'll do my best to answer based on my experiences and what I think you're asking. The biggest factor, of course, is how much prep work was done in K-4.  If the teachers below 5th grade have never talked about metacognition ...

  • I am giving a UDL presentation to a school in 12 days.  My only vantage point is from teaching mostly sixth grade.  I am looking for teachers K-5 to give me some input on self-regulated learning.  I've pasted below an excerpt from a paper I wrote from ...

  • I find the term "second digital divide" to be quite intriguing. One area that needs further exploration is teacher professional development surrounding the use of technology in the classroom. It's quite well documented that just giving access and devices ...

  • Thank you Wes, I look forward to learning more from you. Henry ------------------------------ Henry Turner Principal Newton North High School ------------------------------