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The ISTE Independent and International Schools Network provides a forum for discussion that supports the unique needs of independent school educators based in part on their often unique features, such as individual missions, clientele and funding models.

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  • We are looking for an experienced school designer in Europe to evaluate our campus for innovation. Do you know of a recently refurbished urban school in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, etc that has included the repurposing of campus space, indoor and out? ...

  • Our IBDP exams were just canceled in Italy again due to Covid. Last year it happened a bit later in the year. We will spend the next few weeks finishing the curriculum and gathering evidence if needed later to support predicted grades. Then we will ...

  • Someone let me know that for some reason the link isn't working through ISTE. Instead, you can either type it into the omnibox manually or just go to our website,, then click "About" then "Careers" if you are interested. ------------------------------ ...

  • Sylvia-- I'm sorry that the link didn't work for you. They both look active to me-- but note that you will have to create a new account with the PLN Award site. We look forward to your nomination or application! Jeff ------------------------------ Jeff ...


  • IISN PLN Award Nominations Now Open

    PLN Awards Now Open
    It's that time of year! The International and Independent School Network (IISN) is now accepting applications for our PLN Award.

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    Nominate yourself

    The nomination process is VERY quick and easy. I just did it and it took about 2 minutes. Please take a moment to recognize someone doing great things in our community. The award is open to all. Thanks!

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