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The ISTE Independent and International Schools Network provides a forum for discussion that supports the unique needs of independent school educators based in part on their often unique features, such as individual missions, clientele and funding models.

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    Survey for families?

    Hi all, Is your school sending a survey to parents this summer to get a sense of which families are choosing to stay home in August? I've heard that some of the  public schools in Georgia are asking parents to sign a commitment form if they are going ...

  • Hello all: Has anyone begun to update their Acceptable Use Policy to send to families/students in the fall?  I'm wondering how I will revise/organize our policy to reflect hybrid learning and remote learning experiences.  We are moving to 1:1 iPads/laptops ...

  • I am in no way affiliated with them, but I know that American Heritage School has online offerings that might be something for you to look into. Right now they are running their summer programming, but they've been doing really well with their online ...

  • We recently discussed this at a virtual town hall. Here is the archive and the synopsis , which includes sample schedule examples. -- Dr. Ashley Cross Google Certified Innovator


  • IISN PLN Award Nominations Now Open

    PLN Awards Now Open
    It's that time of year! The International and Independent School Network (IISN) is now accepting applications for our PLN Award.

    Nominate someone else

    Nominate yourself

    The nomination process is VERY quick and easy. I just did it and it took about 2 minutes. Please take a moment to recognize someone doing great things in our community. The award is open to all. Thanks!

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