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The ISTE Independent and International Schools Network provides a forum for discussion that supports the unique needs of independent school educators based in part on their often unique features, such as individual missions, clientele and funding models.

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  • Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, WA is hiring! See all available jobs posted here . Job description for the Innovation & Design Labs Director . ------------------------------ Holly Gerla Director of Educational Technology Charles Wright Academy ...

  • Dear Fellow Educators, My school is looking to revisit our student cell phone policy. We want to have faculty and students have data from other schools with the goal of coming to a common ground. If you have or know of a productive policy that is ...

  • I'm looking for some small grant/proposal funding for my international secondary school in Rome, primarily for tech- and STEAM-related programmes.  We have a tax certificate from the state of Connecticut and grant the US and the IB diplomas, but are not ...

  • I second Jennifer post and encourage you to look at your teaching and learning objectives first. The choice of devices will come more easily when you will have identified the why and the what. As an independent school, we have the chance to have more ...


  • Nominations Open for the 2018 Independent SchoolOutstanding Educator

    Nominations are now open for the ISTE Independent School Educator Network Outstanding Educator Award. This award recognizes  exceptional educators and leaders who are paving the way for connected learning. We seek those whose exemplary work provides a model for teaching, learning and leading in the digital age.

    This award recognizes an Independent School educator or leader that has implemented innovative practices, established private-public partnerships, and/or has shared their time advancing the teaching practice with all educators.

    Nominations will close on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. To nominate your favorite educator or leader, please fill out the following  form –

    This year's awardee will be honored at the 2018 ISTE Conference & Expo in Chicago this June. Read More