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The Games and Simulations Network is dedicated to understanding and advancing the use, integration, design, development and evaluation of games, simulations and virtual environments for learning and teaching.

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  • Hello Everyone, I hope summer or winter (depending on your geographic location) is going great for you this year. We are doing some fun, some playful and some serious reading for the rest of July and into August. Please join us! We are paralleling the ...

  • I tried ClassCraft a few years ago, but I abandoned it because it was time consuming to set up, my high school students didn't really want to fully engage with the expectations when it came to meting out the "punishments" and they spent time in class ...

  • You must include Gimkit! It was created by a high schooler. Hope I didn't miss it on your list. ------------------------------ Lisa Mims @TeachPLV/@BriteEyes49 ------------------------------

  • Hello, I recently purchased an Oculus Quest to test it out to see if it could have a positive impact in the classroom.  I believe it does.  So before I purchase more of them, I need to determine how to manage them.  Right now the Quest and the games ...


  • Games & Sims Playground Book Club

    Hello Everyone!

    We're doing a series of readings for Playground Book Club this summer starting next week!

    Join our Book Club Intensives for an on-going, interactive experience this month.  We want educators and gamer-educators to share knowledge, shape knowledge, and intentionally design for a better future world.

    We want to play and talk games, immersion, presence, hackers, playfulness, empathy (and anything else on your mind) with you!

    We’ve got a lot for you to explore this month.

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  • "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story"

    Join us for an early #Notatiste event on Friday, June 21 at 8:30 AM SLT for the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Meeting where Lyr Lobo / Cynthia Calongne will be presenting "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story". ​ Read More
  • Games & Sims Events at Conference

    Hello Everyone,

    Please join us at the Games & Sims network events! Read More
  • Book Club for June

    You are cordially invited to join us for the Metagame Book Club's June reading of Algorithms of Oppression.  We'll be reading the book and additional material throughout the month of June with the kickoff starting on Wednesday June 5 at 7 pm MT over Google Hangout. Read More
  • Games & Sims Award - Nominations Open

    Nominations open are now open for Annual ISTE Games and Simulations Excellence Award! This award recognizes individuals and their contributions to ISTE, Games and Simulations, and is an opportunity to share the great work they are doing with others.
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