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The Games and Simulations Network is dedicated to understanding and advancing the use, integration, design, development and evaluation of games, simulations and virtual environments for learning and teaching.

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  • Try ------------------------------ Randee Deich STEM Coordinator LAUDERHILL 6-12 STEM-MED ------------------------------

  • I'm hoping I'm not suggesting something you've already tried, but have you looked at Unity Learn ? They have a whole curriculum.   ------------------------------ Anthony Bollino Teacher Specialist for Instructional Technology Frederick County Public ...

  • Dear Community.  I am in need of help. Does anyone have any resources about building games in Unity for 14 year olds??  Thanks!! ------------------------------ Jeanine Kobylinski IT Integrator Abbotsleigh School ------------------------------

  • For educators and parents with elementary age kids/students, my team and I are providing Boddle Learning as a math resource at no cost during covid-19. Boddle is a math game and platform that makes learning fun and personalized --> ...