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The Early Learning Network is an advocate for developmentally appropriate technology use in early learning settings. The Early Learning Network promotes and facilitates the advancement of meaningful technology integration in teaching and learning experiences for young children. The Early Learning Network connects the early learning community with one another to explore and implement developmentally appropriate, high-quality, balanced and relevant use of technologies with young children in all early learning and educational settings (birth to age eight).

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    RE: Social Media

    A lot of my teachers use seesaw Instagram twitter wakelet Google Photos (you can share an album) classtag remind Google Slides here is an example I use with my teachers (A lot of them copy this model and add their own info) student ...

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    Social Media

    For the past few years I have been creating Sways for weekly newsletters and posting on Twitter to share daily classroom experiences with my kindergartners' families. I am wondering what other teachers are using. Instragram has been recommended to me. ...

  • This might help you Jane. https://bookcreator.com/resources-for-teachers/kindergarten/ -- Dan Kemp // Community Manager Book Creator - Bring creativity to your classroom Web bookcreator.com Twitter ...

  • Thank you everyone for your responses!  So helpful! My next questions are about using both iPads and Surfaces with Kindergartners.  Which apps run only on iPads?  Which platform do you like best for the different apps? We are one-to-one with Surface ...


  • Volunteer to Help at The Early Learning Playground at the ISTE Conference!

    Hello Everyone!

    The ELN Leadership Team is excited to announce we have opportunities for you to help CREATE EXPLORERS in the Early Learning Playground at ISTE. 

    The Playground is Monday, June 24, 8:00–11:30 AM in the Philadelphia Convention Center.

    We have planned for another fun, exciting, and low-stress place to play with robots, tangible tech, apps, and more, all appropriate for young learners ages 4-8... now we need some friendly folks to help us.

    We are looking for people who like to play with tech and to get others playing with technologies. The ideal volunteers are friendly and wanting to participate with others who are interested in young learners. You DO NOT need to be an expert in anything other than playing well with others... come explore new tools and some old favorites with us.

    Use this form to sign up:

    We will provide details as to your assigned time as it gets closer to the Conference.

    If you have ANY questions, please email Gail Lovely: GailLovely@SuddenlyItClicks.com Read More