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The Early Learning Network is an advocate for developmentally appropriate technology use in early learning settings. The Early Learning Network promotes and facilitates the advancement of meaningful technology integration in teaching and learning experiences for young children. The Early Learning Network connects the early learning community with one another to explore and implement developmentally appropriate, high-quality, balanced and relevant use of technologies with young children in all early learning and educational settings (birth to age eight).

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  • Can you please share your best EdTech tools for kindergarteners. I am also wondering if you can share samples of Weekly planners for school instruction for kindergarten. Looking for ideas how to facilitate access to Zoom and EdTech tools. ------------------------------ ...

  • You might want to try Mystery Skype. You can check out Skype in the Classroom ( https://education.skype.com/ ) for more information. I think that would be a fun way for your class to build relationships with other classes in other parts of the ...

  • I think PBS Learning Media offers some really great stuff.  pbslearningmedia.org ------------------------------ Stuart Chandler Digital Teacher Librarian Three Creeks K-8 ------------------------------

  • Virtual field trips are always a favorite:  https://www.weareteachers.com/best-virtual-field-trips/ Google Earth's Voyager tours:  https://earth.google.com/web/ So many lists of diversity books:  https://theeverymom.com/diverse-childrens-books/ ...