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The STEM Network’s purpose is to connect science, technology, engineering and math educators to discuss, explore and share best practices and research in STEM teaching and student learning through the use of technology.

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    I've used Lilypad for student as young as 8. It's great. For any of those kits, it's really the peripherals that sell it to students. Making sure that you account for things like cardboard, felt, markers, and wearables like t-shirts or socks.  Is ...

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    Hi Sylvia, sorry for the delay and thank you for your question. Information about Nominations and appointments for the Board of Directors is posted on the Board elections website Clicking on the ISTE Bylaws link and moving to Article III - Board ...

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    Thanks for the info. I looked into micro:bit and just bought one for myself to play with. It uses blockly, which my students have used. After playing with the software for the other two, I am not sure my students would do much with it. I have used ...

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    Hi Marty,  I'm using Raspberry Pi and Arduino with my high school age students.  While I've taught Elementry I have not had experience using these devices with that grade level. I do have a couple of thoughts.  Have you looked at Makey Makey for that ...


  • STEM Leadership Team 2019-2020

    Dear STEM PLN Members,

    On behalf of the STEM PLN Leadership Team, we welcome you to the 2019-20 school year and we are excited that you have chosen to be part of our learning network.

    It doesn't matter if you like STEM, STEAM, or STREAM, everyone is welcome here! We will continue to promote topics that are important to you, so your feedback is crucial. AI, arts, coding, computer science, mathematics, robotics, and the engineering design process are areas that we already know many of our members care about. Please fill out the survey below so that we can focus on providing even better learning opportunities for everyone.

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  • STEM Excellence 2019 Award Recipient

    The STEM PLN would like to congratulate Jorge Valenzuela as our 2019 STEM Excellence Award Winner! Learn all about Jorge at our website.

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