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This open network is dedicated to discussions and sharing resources related to the ISTE Standards. The ISTE Standards provide a framework for amplifying or even transforming learning and teaching with technology. Topics may include adoption and implementation, the standards in specific grade bands or content areas, and anything else you want to discuss or share. Jump in and get started today!

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    Oops! Here it is! ------------------------------ Martonia Gaskill Assistant Professor UNK ------------------------------

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    Hi Mayada, I came across this resource a few months ago and I think it provides a nice framework for examining the conditions for successful technology integration. This is a report by Washington State on Educational Technology Learning based on the ...

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    Computer science

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    Hi all, My school is transforming to ISTE standards and I want to build up the curriculum according to these standards. I teach both digital media and design and computer science to high school. I am still reading the standards but feel somehow lost ...

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    Hi, I know these are early days with regards to the Cv19 virus and its impact on the education system, but I wonder if there has been any thought given to moving the 2 day in-person ISTE training for certification to an online format? Chris ------------------------------ ...