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The Digital Storytelling Network’s mission is to inspire educators to become modern-day "storykeepers" who can engage learners with the power of storytelling across curricula and cultures. Key to this mission is promoting the understanding and use of digital storytelling as a powerful professional learning model and an inspiring high-impact vehicle for learning, thinking and communicating in a digital age. The Digital Storytelling Network also commits to creating collaborative opportunities for all members to learn, share and celebrate the art of digital storytelling for learning.

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    RE: DSN Playground

    I am looking for the recordings of your webinars, especially the DS, getting started. I REALLY need our literacy specialists and principal to see it in my quest to stop them from buying a writing program! Ugh! You session today will be a HUGE help! ------------------------------ ...

  • Are you a Google GSuite school?  Are you familiar with Google Slides? You could use Slides to create your newsletter. And if you are familiar, you could share the Slides document with your newsletter editors where they could submit their own stories. ...

  • Hi, I need your help, I want that my 4th grade students work creating a digital newspaper. They are still on the process of learning how to use the computers, so I basically  need an app or a web page that allows them to easily create a newspaper, ideal ...

  • Ohhh ok....that clears things up! I apologize, I didn't even make the connection with the dates! ------------------------------ Erin Guire Grade 5 teacher Beatrice Rafferty School ------------------------------

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