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The Digital Storytelling Network’s mission is to inspire educators to become modern-day "storykeepers" who can engage learners with the power of storytelling across curricula and cultures. Key to this mission is promoting the understanding and use of digital storytelling as a powerful professional learning model and an inspiring high-impact vehicle for learning, thinking and communicating in a digital age. The Digital Storytelling Network also commits to creating collaborative opportunities for all members to learn, share and celebrate the art of digital storytelling for learning.

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  • DSN 2019-20 Webinar Series Continues Interactive StoryTelling Mashup Join DSN Exec: Laurie Guyon Jan 27, 2020     8:30 PM ET (7:30 CT, 6:30 MT, 5:30 PT) Register today at: ter/WN_-UOA9s-PQJyl-yMslUe31A ...

  • Hi All, I will be hosting a free PD Webinar next week on Jan 22, 4 pm Eastern. We will be sharing lesson plans and sharing about how to leverage Augmented Reality for storytelling with an emphasis on next month's Black History Month. Hope you can join ...

  • Hi all,  As part of the T.E.A.M. EduACTION challenge this year, I embedded digital media design projects into my college courses to inspire students to educate others about climate change.  Please take a few moments to watch some of the incredible ...

  • Hi Tammy,  Sorry I am so late to your message, but just through I would point you towards our available resources at Digital Media Academy. We have 7 specific courses currently available build around digital storytelling . You may also be interested ...


  • DigStrTell Panel Disc Nov 26 ~ 2019-20 Webinar Series Continues

    DSN 2019-20 Webinar Series Continues with our FIRST Panel Discussion!!

    Lets talk!  Panel Discussion on Digital Storytelling Tools and Tips!

    Nov 26, 2019   8:30 PM ET  (7:30 CT, 6:30 MT, 5:30 PT)

    Register today at:

    The best part of a network is the people! We are excited to host a discussion panel to create a conversation about some of our favorite tools and tips for incorporating digital storytelling techniques into the classroom. We will collect the ideas and ask your the participant to do just that! Participate! Join our facilitated chat to talk about our success, failures, lessons learned, and favorite tools.

    Join the Conversation with DSN Execs Beth Hamlin, Julie Stewart, Mary Townsend and Danielle Abernethy!
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    Hope you can join us!!

    DSN Execs

    The following DSN Webinars are confirmed. Registration link for each webinar is provided below. 

    Dec 9 Power Behind Story~Inspire Imagery and Creativity with Julie Jaeger

    Jan 27 Interactive StoryTelling Mashup with Laurie Guyon

    Feb 10 Choose Your Own Adventure! Slides Can Take You Anywhere! with Linda Horne

    Mar 17 Digital Storytelling with FairyTales in Social Studies Curriculum with Mary Townsend

    Apr 20 StoryTelling Public Service Announcements with Danielle Abernethy and Debbie Bohannan

    May 12 Computer Science and StoryTelling ~ They Do Go Together!! with Beth Hamlin

    DSN Execs continue to work and plan events for our members. We are finalizing dates on “Guest Speaker” webinars and should have them for you soon.


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