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The Interactive Video Conferencing Network promotes the understanding of interactive video conferencing (IVC) and related virtual learning technologies within the K–12 education community by advancing collaboration, information dissemination, research and best practices

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  • Hi Megan! Thanks for the message.  I tried and tried but wasn't able to find a Mountain class (many of them had dismissed for the summer by the time my desperate plea was made). That's okay! Our connection had THREE of the four US time zones, and I already ...

  • Hi Kristin! I hope you were able to find a classroom from the Mountain Time Zone. I am hoping to learn more about virtual meetings, and was hoping you might be able to tell me more about "Mystery Skypes." They sound intriguing! Thanks! ------------------------------ ...

  • I'm so sorry that I missed this!! ------------------------------ Kristin Edwards Distance Learning Specialist CiTiBOCES ------------------------------

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    RE: Zoomtopia 2019

    Wow, thank you Audra! This is huge! ------------------------------ Kristin Edwards Distance Learning Specialist CiTiBOCES ------------------------------