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Welcome to the ISTE Commons – a network where you can connect with ISTE members by participating in discussions and sharing resources.

Our passion is helping you connect with like-minded educators in virtual communities where creativity and ideas flow. Every new connection you make is an opportunity to discover game-changing ideas and engage in deep collaboration. Your relationships with colleagues across the globe can open new doors and lead you and your students toward new learning experiences.

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    Rachel, I am a Certified Trainer still going through the final portfolio process, but I may be able to answer your questions. Just let me know what your questions are, or if you would prefer to connect some other way or you already have the answers ...

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    Yay @Peggy George ! Our most trusty webinar participant and the epitome of lifelong learning!​ ------------------------------ Simon Helton Director of Community Engagement International Society for Technology in Education -------------------------- ...

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    Hello everyone, ISTE is made up of thousands of educators of every possible type: pre-service teachers, classroom teachers, tech coaches, school and district administrators, retired educators and more. We want to recognize the best of the best, those ...

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    Noah,  I try to schedule 1-2 social outings or sports a week (sometimes 3-5 sports a week when the weather isn't freezing). I peruse my social networks in random spurts of free time - like 5-10 mins when I wake up or while waiting for a meeting to start ...


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