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The Digital Citizenship Network supports educators in ensuring the appropriate, safe and responsible use of technology. The Digital Citizenship Network offers perspective and structure for learning with technology, providing examples of how educators can use technology appropriately and responsibly to help students become more creative, resourceful and interactive with peers around the world.

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  • Hi @Kara McFarlin ! I love the suggestions that have been made! Depending on the grade level, you may want to consider having students create a Google Site or a blog about their digital citizenship choices. KidBlog has some ideas at this page .​ Best ...

  • Hello! I think it would be really cool to have students reflect with an activity like: 1. A Google Drawings Flyer about DigCit 2. A Screencastify video about their DigCit choices  Both would utilize free tools and would push students to really reflect! ...

  • Please join the Teacher Education Network on Monday night for our monthly Twitter chat from 7-8 pm eastern. We are joined with the Global PLN and our guest moderators are @Margret Atkinson   @Amanda Lanicek and    @Makisha Rogers We are discussing ...


  • JOIN US: DigCitPLN Twitter Chat - Tuesday, Oct 16

    Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, the DigCitPLN will host a slow chat on Twitter.

    Join us on Tuesday, October 16th for a slow chat via #DigCitCommit to share your tips, recommendations, and celebrations.

    Share with us what has worked, what resources you recommend, and the variety of ways you engage your #DigCitCommit!​​ Read More