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The Literacy Network is devoted to the topic of reading and literacy and works to help educators find information about the types of technology that can assist in teaching reading skills and the programs that can enhance literacy instruction.

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    One of the things that we have shared with the 5 Point Friday this year is the topic of Fake News and helping students critically consumers of information and media. We have two items to share with you about this topic to expand the resources and materials ...

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    Happy New Year ISTE Members, The ISTE Literacy PLN is kicking off the New Year with lots of exciting events and opportunities for ALL ISTE members. 1. Do you have an innovative literacy project, strategy, or tool that meets ISTE Standards? Do you like ...

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    We want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and will be taking a break from our weekly 5 point Fridays until after the New Year. We want to wish all ISTE Literacy PLN members a wonderful holiday and Happy 2019. We are looking forward to the upcoming ...

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    Hi, I know Jolly has software but I am not sure if they have a Chromebook compatible version ( ) .  I would contact their customer service to see if they are developing something. ...

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