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Mission: The Learning Spaces Network promotes the gathering and sharing of information, research and ideas related to learning space design principles. The network offers: resources and research on best practices in learning space design, a community of practice related to design thinking and innovative learning spaces, and outreach and advocacy to raise awareness about the importance of space for learning.

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  • Greetings fellow Learning Space PLN members... just wanted to share two quick FLEXspace related articles: Campus Technology Magazine "A Hub for Sharing, A Platform for Research"  As always, please let us know if you're having trouble uploading or ...

  • That sounds like an amazing opportunity! I would recommend having the storage be on wheels, as well. That way groups of projects could be wheeled into the space all together. Uline makes some nice metal shelving that we've used in the past. ------------------------------ ...

  • One of the things we are planning in our new STEM building is a wet/dry area. So the rooms are bigger with areas specifically for wet (paint, water, etc) and dry (electronics, robotics, etc). We are hoping this provides us with safety for equipment and ...

  • Hey Jenny! So wait - you have an indoor space that mimics the weather? Or are you talking about a roof leak? both sound interesting lol I'm excited for you that you're finally getting a space that, it sounds like, you deserve. I get that passionate, ...


  • Some new resources

    Hello everyone, 

    We recently had a great question by Kristin Harrington about Sensory Rooms.  In the posts, there were a number of good resources identified so I decided to spend a little time adding them to our Library.

    Long story short, I realized I haven't updated the Library recently so we now have 180 resources on a variety of issues on space design. 

    Please take some time to check out the Library and if you know of any resources that we should add, please let me know.

    I want to sent a big shout out to Dr. Robert Dillion, the Folks at Edutopia, and Jackie Flavin and the folks at Demco for providing a good portion of the materials. Read More