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Mission: The Learning Spaces Network promotes the gathering and sharing of information, research and ideas related to learning space design principles. The network offers: resources and research on best practices in learning space design, a community of practice related to design thinking and innovative learning spaces, and outreach and advocacy to raise awareness about the importance of space for learning.

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  • Some new resources

    Hello everyone, 

    We recently had a great question by Kristin Harrington about Sensory Rooms.  In the posts, there were a number of good resources identified so I decided to spend a little time adding them to our Library.

    Long story short, I realized I haven't updated the Library recently so we now have 180 resources on a variety of issues on space design. 

    Please take some time to check out the Library and if you know of any resources that we should add, please let me know.

    I want to sent a big shout out to Dr. Robert Dillion, the Folks at Edutopia, and Jackie Flavin and the folks at Demco for providing a good portion of the materials. Read More