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COVID-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to schools around the globe. In this community, educators are coming together to help meet those challenges. Ask questions, get advice, and learn what other educators are doing around the world.

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    A few of our teachers have used it and I haven't heard anything, but I prefer to use Microsoft Translator. Only the teacher needs to have an account (free) and the students/participants can choose their language. As a tech trainer, I was asked to train ...

  • Profile Picture Is anyone using Yoteach? Any privacy concerns? I have been looking for a backchannel to use with middle school ------------------------------ Tom Acker Instructional Designer Instructional Designer Chesterfield County --- ...

  • If anyone has insight into how to restrict the use of microsoft teams for education so that students are unable to chat and create meetings outside of classroom meetings we appreciate and responses. We are struggling to control the amount of socializing ...

  • Karyn, They do 🎉. It was built into their most recent update. ------------------------------ Kara McFarlin Other Instructional Technology Coach @mrstechfarlin ------------------------------


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    This community has been created to help educators respond to the challenges created by COVID-19. Volunteers and staff from ISTE and ISTE's affiliates and partners are here to help answer questions and provide guidance.

    To make sure that this is a safe and supportive community for all educators, we ask that:

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