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This open network is dedicated to discussions and sharing resources related to the ISTE Standards. The ISTE Standards provide a framework for amplifying or even transforming learning and teaching with technology. Topics may include adoption and implementation, the standards in specific grade bands or content areas, and anything else you want to discuss or share. Jump in and get started today!

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    Hello Lance, Hope you are well.  I am not sure the ISTE Standrads completely negates a scheduled computer class/lesson.  I think that way of teaching and learning is an older model. We have used that model for years and I don't believe the "one stop ...

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    We've had a weekly computer class (40 minutes) in grades 1-5 for years. Thanks to COVID, we went 1:1 for K-5 and our computer teacher went into classrooms to teach students (and some teachers) how to use the devices and apps.  The computer lab is no more.  ...

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    RE: ISTE and PYP

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    Hi Barbara, No I did not find any and it was quite normal I guess because of various UIO in PYP schools, student agency and the fact that ICT in PYP is not a subject but a support to student learnings. Chantal Gesland Man ES Innovation Facilitator ...

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    Hi Chantal, Did you find some? I am interested as well, thanks! ------------------------------ Barbara Amador Scott Technology Director/Coordinator/Facilitator/Specia Technology Integration Specialist International School Saigon Pearl ------------- ...