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The Literacy Network is devoted to the topic of reading and literacy and works to help educators find information about the types of technology that can assist in teaching reading skills and the programs that can enhance literacy instruction.

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    This weekend marks the 4th of July - a celebration of America's Independence and provides discussion about America's history and present while you enjoy eating apple pie or Stars and Stripes cupcakes.  Disney + will be airing Hamilton starting on ...

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    Dr. Reissman's students at Ditmas make the most amazing magazine. It is definitely one of my favorite examples of high-quality student-created work! Check out Ditmas proud at: ...

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    Our district uses STAR reading tests to gauge students' reading levels. We also use study island for ELA modules. These modules have a pre and post-test. I hope this helps. ------------------------------ Casey Sirochman Frazier School District ----- ...

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    Dr. Rose Reissman is this year's winner of the Literacy Network award (award title: SPOTLIGHT LITERACY PRACTICE) – Over the past few years she has submitted 30 articles to the Literacy Network's blog "Literacy Special Interest" (full list and links at ...

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