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The Literacy Network is devoted to the topic of reading and literacy and works to help educators find information about the types of technology that can assist in teaching reading skills and the programs that can enhance literacy instruction.

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    Welcome to the Sunday edition of 5-point Friday!   Google Arts and Culture is not just for art teachers!  Google Arts and Culture allows you to explore everything from the Taj Mahal to astronaut John Glenn and the 9/11 attacks. It provides videos and ...

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    After a challenging day (or an entire year!), there’s nothing I like better than curling up with a good book. Unwinding at the end of the day and finding some inspiration in a great professional book helps me to reflect on my practices and discover new ...

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    Attached is the Literacy PLN's spring journal.  Check out the latest and greatest articles that address the intersection of edtech and literacy. This journal's theme focused on the best practices in topics related to civics, democracy, and the January ...

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    Educator friends, we are on the home stretch!  In our race to the finish line, let's not forget to take the time to really reflect on what we have learned during this historic year.  Better yet, let's make sure we take the time to have our students reflect ...