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The Literacy Network is devoted to the topic of reading and literacy and works to help educators find information about the types of technology that can assist in teaching reading skills and the programs that can enhance literacy instruction.

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    Literacy Loves Robots - Do robots and robotics have a place in literacy content area classrooms? The Answer is YES! Learn about literacy inspired robotics projects throughout this  hands-on playground sponsored by the Literacy PLN. The playground will ...

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    This week we are focusing on Active Learning or Learner- Centered Teaching. According to Richard M. Felder and Rebecca Brent, "Active learning consists of short course-related individual or small-group activities that all students in a class are called ...

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    Hi Penny - Thanks for you interest and the 'heads up'... I don't understand why you wouldn't have access to the blogger blog. At any rate, I have now posted the full information (that you would have had access to had you gotten to the blog) in a subsequent ...

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    The ISTE Literacy Professional Learning Network announces its 2020 annual award!   - Nominate a colleague or apply for yourself for the SPOTLIGHT LITERACY PRACTICE AWARD. Deadline for applications - March 1, 2020 - ALL those who teach Literacy across ...

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