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  • 1.  Addressing the Possibility of AI-Driven Cheating

    Posted 08-07-2023 12:35

    Hi ISTE community,

    If you are looking for a resource to help guide conversations with colleagues that are worried about student cheating with AI or want to "AI-proof" their assignments, I wrote a two-part blog series about this topic: 

    • Part 1 focuses on the what happens when technology and AI tools are banned, why AI text detectors are problematic, and the necessity of revising academic integrity statements.

    • Part 2 presents the TRUST model for redesigning assignments to reduce the potential for cheating with AI: Transparency, Real World Applications, Universal Design for Learning, Social Knowledge Construction, and Trial and Error. 

    I hope this helps! Feel free to share any feedback you have. 

    Torrey Trust
    ISTE Research Program Chair (July 2022-2024)
    ISTE Teacher Education Network Past President
    Associate Professor of Learning Technology
    University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • 2.  RE: Addressing the Possibility of AI-Driven Cheating

    Posted 08-08-2023 16:52

    Wow, thanks Torrey! You always have the best resources to share!   love these posts and the information you shared!

    Rachelle Dené Poth, JD, MSEd
    Foreign Language & STEAM Teacher, Riverview H.S.
    Consultant, ThriveinEDU LLC
    ISTE Certified Educator
    Past-president, Teacher Education Network,
    Making IT Happen Awardee 2019
    MIE Expert
    Nearpod PioNear
    Twitter and Voxer: @Rdene915