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  • 1.  New York State Educators

    Posted 08-14-2023 16:22

    Dear Fellow Educator,

    My name is Julianne Ross-Kleinmann. I am a doctoral student at the Manhattanville College School of Education. I am researching K-6 educators' technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) to implement New York State's first-ever K-12 Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards. The standards, adopted in December 2020 by the New York State Board of Regents, are to be fully implemented by September 2024.

    I would greatly appreciate your participation in an interview for my dissertation research. The discussion takes approximately 45 minutes. The interview results will be confidential; they will not disclose personally identifiable information (PII). I will report the results only in the aggregate. Participation is voluntary, and you may discontinue at any time without consequence.

    If you are interested and available, please email me at, subject line Interview. I will contact you to schedule our interview.

    The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Manhattanville College has approved the recruitment of participants for this study. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the IRB at or call the chair of the IRB, George Schreer, at 914-323-7172.

    Thank you,


    Julianne Ross-Kleinmann