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  • 1.  Token Economy Vitrual Wallet

    Posted 08-08-2023 14:38

    We would like to have a virtual wallet for each student for our PBIS system at a middle school.  We would like it linked to their student IDs to purchase time in our student lounge and redeem from the school store.

    We have looked at PBIS Rewards, and Buckaroo.  Buckaroo name is not going to work with middle school students.  

    Any suggestions on other solutions for this?

    Cory Ilgenfritz Principal/Headmaster/Asst. or Vice Principal
    Assistant Principal
    Eastern York School District

  • 2.  RE: Token Economy Vitrual Wallet

    Posted 08-10-2023 10:52

    Have you looked into SchoolMint Hero (formerly Hero K12)? 

    The link below is a pretty in-depth video look into it. 

    Motivating students and celebrating success with INCENTIVES

    I haven't implemented a PBIS platform but I tried  to get this going years back. 

    Jason Hom Other
    Regional Sales Director NJ
    Alma Technologies

  • 3.  RE: Token Economy Vitrual Wallet

    Posted 08-11-2023 09:56

    Thank you for such a timely question. My school is also looking at options for a digital currency to incorporate into our CTE classes.  I found ClassEquity which promotes financial literacy  We will be exploring it over the next few days. Has anyone already checked it out?

    Deborah Hoffman, Principal
    Jacksonville Commons Middle School