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video with generative AI tips and tricks

  • 1.  video with generative AI tips and tricks

    Posted 08-21-2023 19:47

    Hi all,

    Some months ago, a group of us from ISTE Commons started meeting to see what we could explore in terms of prompts with ChatGPT and similar that would be useful for teachers. At our last meeting earlier this month, several of us decided to record ourselves showing an extension for organizing prompts, a new ChatGPT feature, a specialized prompt, and two other generative AI tools for teaching and learning ( and 

    Find the 10-minute recording here, and the notes (with some extra resources) here.

    As with any tool, we only share what we have seen and know. Use any extension or website at your own risk.

    Best wishes to all,

    Rushton Hurley
    Nonprofit Executive Director
    Next Vista for Learning