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    Hi, The job ID is  63979 ------------------------------ Adrian Acosta Director, Instructional Technology Houston ISD ------------------------------

  • Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Would you mind posting the job id number ------------------------------ Renee Hill Senior Advisor California Emerging Technology Fund ------------------------------

  • Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Hi Everyone, I have an elementary Instructional Technology Coach position available on my team in Houston ISD. If interested please apply  here . Required: active teaching certification Preferred: Experience working with PLC and online communities ...

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  • "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story"

    Join us for an early #Notatiste event on Friday, June 21 at 8:30 AM SLT for the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Meeting where Lyr Lobo / Cynthia Calongne will be presenting "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story". ​ More
  • Virtual Pioneer of the Year Award 2019!

    Hello, y'all,

    In the past, we've enjoyed announcing this award at the end of our ISTE Conference Playground, but ISTE has already done so, which makes us a bit negligent in the task. So, without further adieu, let me congratulate our immeasurably esteemed colleague and friend, Dr. Valerie Hill, aka Valibrarian. Val, your lovely plaque from ISTE will be in the mail soon! We value you!

    Dr. Valerie Hill received her PhD in Library and Information Science in 2012 with research in virtual worlds. Valibrarian (in virtual worlds) is the director of the Community Virtual Library in Second Life, Avacon and Kitely.  She served as a school librarian for twenty years and taught language arts, literature and information science at all grade levels from kindergarten through college. As a National Writing Project Trainer, Valerie enjoys writing and storytelling through new media formats.  Her research has included working with students in Minecraft and exploring both virtual worlds and virtual reality for education. 

    More can be found at:    https://vwbpe.org/conference/ thinkerer-award-2018-announced  and http://about.me/valibrarian

    See you in Philly, we hope!
  • Games & Sims Events at Conference

    Hello Everyone,

    Please join us at the Games & Sims network events! More

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