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    Hi all, I am at a PreK-8 private school. We currently have classroom chrome book carts for grades 2-6, one-to-one chrome books grades 7-8, and shared iPads for grades PreK-1. I have been looking into migrating all of our students devices to iPads. Does ...

  • Posted in: The Commons

    @Michelle Eckler held an Expert Webinar today about monotasking, and boy, were we all onboard with the strategies and suggestions she offered.​ ICYMI, monotasking is the opposite of multitasking - and she's found that when she monotasks successfully, ...

  • Posted in: The Commons

    I keep track of No Registration Web 2.0 tools on my website L. Houle's Ed Tools and have several listed. Would love feedback on how well any of my listed sites work as I'm not in the classroom. While you can sign in on each, it isn't necessary. SafeShare ...

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share a fun opportunity to get more involved in the ISTE community: applying to join us as an ISTE Community Leader!

    ISTE Community Leaders support educators in the ISTE community by leading professional development activities, answering questions and giving advice on ISTE Connect, supporting the annual conference, and more. If you have ever wanted to present a webinar, run a Twitter chat, contribute to a podcast, or host a meetup with fellow members then being an ISTE Community Leader is right for you! 

    The deadline to apply is Sunday, July 10.

    Click here to apply to become an ISTE Community Leader!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    –Lauren More
  • Oooohh, it's a new forum: Edtech Coaching!

    Check out the Edtech Coaching forum, which is the newest forum in ISTE Connect!

    Find other edtech coaches, learn from their expertise, and share all things edtech coaching.

    You can find it in the "browse" drop down at the top of your ISTE Connect page

  • The ISTELive 22 program is live - and we want to see you there!

    The ISTELive 22 program is live - and we can’t wait to see you in New Orleans, starting June 26. 

    Check out the program, registration packages, and all things to inspire your edtech journey!

  • ISTE Book Study Starts March 14!

    Join the ISTE Community Leaders in our book study - reach out to Margret (matkinson@iste.org) if you have more questions!

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