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Digital Authentic Assessment

Creativity and Innovation are at the heart of the ISTE Standards for Students. Students can apply existing knowledge to create new products to demonstrate their mastery of the curriculum. #Tool #Coaching #Curriculum #Science #PKto2 #English #Personalized learning #Mathematics ...

Searcy.K. Digital Authentic Assessment.pptx

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Using Popplet to Enhance Reading Comprehension

Popplet, a web-based tool and app, can be used to enhance reading comprehension. In this lesson, Popplet is used to organize causes and effects related to an event. This tool can be used to capture textual evidence in order to plan and support a written argument. This lesson was designed to...

Smog City Lesson with CCSS and ISTE Standards.pdf

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NCLE Report: "Remodeling Literacy Together: Paths to Standards Implementation"

A research report from NCLE on key findings from a survey exploring questions related to the transition to the new literacy standards, and how teachers are involved in the learning about them and planning for them. #Principal #Whitepaper #Literacies #Teacher #English #Coaching ...

Remodeling Literacy Together.pdf