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Delve into Discourse with Digital Discussions 

02-20-2015 13:54

Using web-based NowComment to engage students in digital discussions supporting virtually any CCSS reading goal, multiple writing goals, and tech goals. Teachers can also support science and social studies content with text choices.

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09-28-2015 19:37

Diversity and differentiation can be addressed in several ways. First the choice of text is important to the ages and ability levels of student groups. While text complexity is important, tools like “SpeakIt” can be used to have text read aloud to students or students can partner for the reading of the text. When identifying types of arguments, teachers can have lower ability students just focus on one element, such as finding facts. When commenting, speech to text tools can be used for students who may struggle. Overall, differentiation occurs through having a set standard and then teacher scaffolding student needs accordingly.

09-28-2015 12:29

Nice lesson. I like the way you have laid out the standards addressed in this lesson. I have designed a similar lesson using Voice Thread. How will you address struggling writers or those with IEPs within this lesson?