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Using Popplet to Enhance Reading Comprehension 

11-03-2014 23:07

Popplet, a web-based tool and app, can be used to enhance reading comprehension. In this lesson, Popplet is used to organize causes and effects related to an event. This tool can be used to capture textual evidence in order to plan and support a written argument. This lesson was designed to meet Grade 4 Common Core State Standards and ISTE Standards for Students and Teachers.

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02-17-2015 19:23

Heidi and Jay,
Thanks for the feedback! I love the flexibility of the tool and it sounds like you both do also. It helps so much to find tools that kids can use in a variety of ways.
Best to you both,

02-16-2015 14:12

I really like your lesson. I am thinking about a way to use this with my 4th graders. We recently read excerpts from Ruby Bridges "Through My Eyes" and examined events, ideas, and individuals separately and then how they overlapped. I was using the Venn diagram app from ReadWriteThink with them, but I think Popplet will work nicely for what I was trying to achieve.
I appreciate your sharing how to integrate technology to enhance reading comprehension. Not only are students more "motivated" when we put something on a screen, apps like this help make more abstract concepts and ideas "concrete" for our children.

11-04-2014 06:30

Thank you for the lesson Susan. I think it is a great use of Popplet. We teach the students to use Popplet at the end of the year second grade and in third grade use it as a tool to brainstorm and outline. Once we show how a tool is used we usually leave it up to the students to pull it out of the toolbox and use it when they see a use for it.